While at Home with your Frenchie- Training Edition

Training your Frenchie

Training your Frenchie how to be the best they can be is essential to their safety and well-being. Perhaps you took advantage of our one-on-one training offer while your puppy was still with us.  It is completely optionally, but it does send your puppy home with a better head start. If not, no worries, as your Frenchie can learn new skills at any age!

As more families are spending time at home with their furry babies due to the Covid-19 Virus, now may be a great time to work with your Frenchie on his/her training skills!

Basic commands to know:

  • Come
  • Outside/Go Potty
  • Sit
  • Lay Down
  • Stay
  • Off
  • Heel
  • Watch me
  • Drop it
  • Leave it
  • Bed/Crate
  • Settle Down/Go Lay Down
  • No Jump

Training Tips:

Frenchie’s are very smart dogs! However, they can be stubborn.

  • Short 20-minute training sessions several times a day is recommended.  Work on only one command at a time. Do not start a new command until your Frenchie has mastered the first.
  • Make sure all the focus is on your Frenchie and vice versa (no toy distractions, no TV, no guests, no cell phones, etc.). Try to have a quite environment where you can spend this time with your pet.
  • During the training sessions, reward your dog for good behavior! Do not punish him/her if they are not doing it or if they are performing it incorrectly. Do not force it.
  • Give lots of praise or a small treat when they perform the command. We recommend mixing it up as they love your attention and kisses just as much as an edible treat.

Some praise suggestions:

    • positive tone when saying “good boy/girl”
    • ear scratches
    • tummy rubs
    • kisses
    •  hugs
    •  head pat

You will know your Frenchie’s favorite form of love!

  • Do not get frustrated or aggravated at your puppy. Dogs can sense emotions, and we do not want them to think they are in trouble.
  • Be very patient! It may take a few days or a few weeks before they have mastered a new command.  Some commands may be easier for your Frenchie to learn than others.  Give your pet regular and consistent training with ample time to learn the behavior or skill.
  • Reinforce old commands. Make sure you continue working on commands they already know. For example: if your new command is come, have your puppy “come” and then “sit” (If this is a skill they have already mastered) to show they can combine the learned skill while working on the new skill.
  • Make training FUN and a bonding moment!
  • Watch for them being good. If you are working at your desk, sporadically tell your Frenchie to sit, or come, or stay – if they respond give them a treat! Occasionally, bring up the command throughout the day. It will help them learn that commands should be obeyed outside of training.

Video of Bruno!

Bruno is working on his new skills “stay”, while also reinforcing “sit” and “come”. So proud of this little cutie pie!

Importance of training:

Having a well-trained dog offers several benefits.

  1. SAFETY! The world can be full of hazards that we may detect, while our Frenchie may not. If a car is coming and I want Natty closer to me, a big dog joins at the dog park and I feel uneasy, or even if she is wandering too far away from me, I know that she will come running to me on the command “come”. Once fully trained, saying the word “come” should result in your Frenchie running right to you!
  2. It provides mental stimulation for your Frenchie, which can increase their happiness and improve mental memory.
  3. It is a great way for them to get some exercise, and they will be ready to snuggle afterward.
  4. By training with treats and love, your positive reinforcement is building a stronger bond between you and your pet. You will become better at understanding your pet’s emotions and needs.
  5. You will have a well-behaved Frenchie. Perfect for when you travel, have guests over, or in an emergency.

If have any questions, feel free to contact Christina at 859-893-3862

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