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Dog Food Options

We have several different options when it comes to dog food and everyone has a different preference; from the ingredients to the style of food. We are going to provide a couple different option for you to decide what works best for your lifestyle! As always, gradually switch your Frenchies’ food. Doing it abruptly can […]

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Our Favorite Frenchie Items

We get asked what we like to use every day for our Frenchies! So we have put together a list of items that our family likes to use. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to Christina at 859-893-3862. Make sure to follow us on Instagram @bluegrassfrenchies and like us on Facebook! Books First time […]

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Keep Your Pup Flea Free This Season!

With Spring in full bloom and summer on the way, flea control is on any pet owner’s mind. With a mild winter and a warmer than usual spring we may see an even higher increase in infestations than usual. Not to worry, there are many effective ways to eliminate these pests and with a few […]

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