Puppy Training Services

Once your puppy is 6 weeks old they are ready for and really thrive with additional puppy training. We spend lots of time with our puppies from day one getting them ready for their new families. Often families want us to keep their puppy for a few addition weeks for one reason or the other and we are happy to do that. We will keep our puppies up to 12 weeks at no additional charge. If you choose training we like to begin at  6 weeks of age once puppies are weaned. 9 out of 10 families choose the one-on-one training and will tell you it does make a difference.

About our Puppy Training

puppy-trainingThe additional one-on-one time with the girls is $65 a week and includes but isn’t limited to:

  • One-on-one time with Christina or Carrie for at least 20 minutes every day.
  • We will work on the follow skills:
    • Recognizing their name
    • Coming when called
    • Crate Training (either hard crate or soft bag for flying will come with your puppy)
    • House Training (a few pee pad will come home with your puppy)
    • Harness training (harness will come home with your puppy)
    • Sit (this beings if training over 4 weeks)
  • We use the positive reward system of training and never try and force them into doing something when they don’t know what you want them to do.

puppy-training4Crate Training:  Does this mean that they will be completely house trained or crate trained before they come home to you? No, but it does mean they will have the very best foundation possible. Some families have told us that they can tell that the girls really put a lot into the training. They love the crate (this isn’t always the case though) or that they house broke so easily. Please don’t take this to mean you won’t have any of the normal puppy training when your puppy comes to you. We are just setting a foundation here for you to continue with at home! If you choose at least 4 weeks of training we include either a hard sleeping crate if you will be driving or a soft carrier if flying. This will allow us to give your puppy time to get used to where they will be riding. The crate you can then use at home as this is where they will be used to sleeping at night.

puppy-training2Photos & Videos: Since we take our last set of pictures at 6 weeks, lots of families like that the girls take iPhone pictures and videos of your French bulldog and text them to families at the end of each week during training (if they can receive these on their phone).

Our goal in offering this extra service is to be able to give your puppy even more of the environment of being the only one once they are with you! If you have any additional questions about our extra puppy training service or our extended stay please just let me know.

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