Puppy’s First 10 Weeks

Here is what I’ll be up to after I am born …

puppy2Week 1: I am resting, eating and relaxing with Mom. What more could a newborn ask for? All WARM and CUDDLED with my mom. My BlueGrass family lets me stay with my mom 24/7 in our nursery that they set up just for me and my mommy. I hear my human mom say it is BEST for me and I have to agree.

Week 2: I’m still moving on my belly but my EYES are beginning to open! There are lots of cool things to see. My mom does a great job keeping me all clean and looking good. Please make sure you have filled out contract and faxed 859-353-8134 or emailed it to Kay@bluegrassfrenchies.com

puppy1Week 3: My eyes are all the way open now. I am getting de-wormed for the 1st time. My 1st photo shoot happens by this week. My nose will normally turn to black by this time. Carrie will be giving me my first sponge bath as I am a bit more for mom to keep up but I think she is still amazing and she licks on me all the time. Carrie just likes to keep me super clean for lots of KISSES!

Week 4: I’m now on the move a bit more. You can see me getting up on my legs more now. FUN, FUN, FUN! We begin puppy play group this week. Helps me with learning social aspects with my human family but I just think it is fun! This is optional butMost families will send a puppy blanket, pillow case or t-shirt with the “new adopted owners scent on it”. This will help me get use to you before we meet. Something you have slept with or a t-shirt you have worked out in works well too. Be sure to send the item to Kay in a zip-lock bag. It locks in the freshness, haha, this will really helps my bond with you happen even faster! It is best to send something you don’t care to have back. You can include a collar (think the smaller the better) or a little toy if you want. Even tho I’m spoiled here it is fun to have something from my new family.

puppy5Week 5: Here goes getting my 2nd de-worming. Christina, Carrie & Kay are doing lots of playing and socializing with me right now. We go outside if it is nice and I love it! I am getting my baby teeth in and Mom will begin weaning me soon so we have extra human playtime. Families that have signed their puppies up for the extra daily one-on-one training will begin next week if you have requested it.

Week 6: I’m old enough to get my 1st round of puppy shots. Don’t worry I won’t even whimper. I also get my 1st REAL BATH this week. Don’t forget Kay says the original, hand signed contracts and full payment are due for me this week. I’m getting excited & hope that you are too! Families are welcome to come in and visit when making their final payment. We encourage this if you are interested please call or email Kay and set up a visit. We will wean from Momma this week if we are ready and begin on mush (it is yummy). We will also start our crate training once we are weaned this is where we will be used to be sleeping at night. Since we are  still little we eat 3 times a day. Morning, afternoon and night. Usually 8 am, noon and 6 pm. We eat all we want until we walk away from our food. The puppy food bag will tell you the proper amount it varies depending on the puppy food you decide to use. I’m also working on using pee pee pads so you will want to have some of those on hand for me when I arrive. Any brand that they have at the pet store is fine with me. Whew, lots of new things for me to learn…you will be glad I’m starting early!

Week 7: Getting de-wormed for the 3rd time. Gary said this is Important, don’t tell him but I think it tastes good. I should be fully WEANED now and slowly working on going from mush to solid food. Sometime this week another set of pictures are taken and sent to you. This will be the last set of pictures from Kay. If you are getting one on one training with the girls they will send you weekly updates and a video each week. Also, this week I will work on using a doggie door. So, I can go potty outside whenever I want to- or just go out and play! My Bluegrass family believes in love, attention and praise INSTEAD of treats, but when I go potty outside on command they give me a little piece (size of fingernail) of pup peroni doggie treat .  My Bluegrass family get so excited when we go outside they give the command “go Potty” and then they say “way to go” when I poo or pee. They are really so silly but I love it and the pup peroni too.

Week 8: I should be just about ready for my new home. Are you ready for me? Have you PUPPY PROOFED the house? Is my bed and play area and crate all ready? I hope you are as excited as I am. I’m really on the move now and ready to play, play, play! Just 2 more weeks…and I will be ready for my new home. If you haven’t already gotten the “Are you ready?” document from Kay email her and let her know you need it this week. BE SURE you print this and take the letter from Dr. Skipworth to your veterinarian so you will have my food on hand when I arrive.

puppy4Week 9: I’ll get my 9 week shot and I’ll be ready to roll next week. This week we will going to the vet to get our check up an paperwork to travel. Getting super close. Next week is the week we get to meet. Email  or call/text Kay if you have any last minute questions that aren’t covered her or in the “Are you Ready” handout. We also have some great information about crate training, house training and feeding tips in our blog section.

Week 10: Puppies can go out to new families that will be coming here to pick up or we will be hand delivering. We ONLY do face-to-face meetings. No shipping or puppy nannies. We like meeting our families and like for them to meet their puppy before heading home. You can click the above link to read the different ways to get your Frenchie from us. This page also lets you know the 3 closest major airports to us.

If you are wanting to get me after 10 weeks of age you’ll need to talk to Kay. I can stay with my Bluegrass family longer if needed but please check with them if more time is needed before you are ready for me. I love them and know that they are in no hurry for me to go but I’m also excited about bonding with my new family too.

Please also keep in mind that my Bluegrass Family may decide at “any time” that I need to stay with my Mom a little longer. I might not weigh enough or might need a little more time before I am on solid food instead of mush. Well, what can I say? Mush is good.

My full shot record will come with my AKC papers and other goodies in my new puppy care package.  See you soon!!!

puppy3As always, please call/text Kay on her cell anytime you might have questions. 859-582-3315 or email at kay@bluegrassfrenchies.com. If texting please include your name with the text.


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