Our Favorite Frenchie Items

We get asked what we like to use every day for our Frenchies! So we have put together a list of items that our family likes to use. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to Christina at 859-893-3862.

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First time Frenchie owner?  The French Bulldog Handbook: The Essential Guide For New & Prospective Frenchie Owners (Canine Handbooks) by Linda Whitwam. This is one we keep in our office and HIGHLY recommend for first time Frenchie owners. It has tips on puppy proofing your home, getting ready for the first couple days at home with your new puppy, socialization, and bonding with your puppy.  Click HERE for the link

A book to cover your bases. The Complete Guide to French Bulldogs: Everything you need to know to bring home your first French Bulldog Puppy byDavid Anderson. This book will help you understand if a French Bulldog is the best  breed for you, training tips, common mistakes to avoid, and so much more. Click HERE for the link

Need a book focused on training?  Check out French Bulldog Training Guide by Oliver Hnri. The French Bulldog Training Book includes information on  socializing, housetraining, obedience behavioral training,  cues and commands and more.. It’s an easy read with quick tips and tricks to help make training a little smoother. Click HERE for the link 


Frenchiestore! What we can say, it’s a store devoted to everything Frenchie. From the reversible health harnesses (we have one in every design!) to the strap harness, they have the perfect fit for every Frenchie. They have super fun, doggie PJ’s and hoodies, human clothes such as leggings, and t-shirts. Faamily fun items include
stickers, bags, phone cases, and blankets. For 10% off USE CODE: BGF Click HERE for the link

Hound Collection! We love this brand as you do not have to
put the harness around your puppy’s neck! They have several different options from leather to waterproof jellies. They have hands-free leashes –  great for long walks. We have the knotted rose pink harness and leash set for our adults and the solid black for our puppies! Click HERE for the link 

Dog Brushes

We like to give our adult dogs a bath twice monthly. We use 3 different types of brushes depending on the time of year and activity.

Pet Grooming Brush: This brush is what we like to use before the bubble bath! We use it every two weeks to keep their coat clean, smooth, and to reduce shedding. ClickHERE for the link

Pet Grooming GloveWe like to use this brush during the bath. We use it while we let the conditioner sit sit 10 minutes. We have found it keeps the fur babies calm, relaxed, and enjoying some spa time. Click HERE for the link

Dual-Sided Shedding Blade We use this one when our adults start to shed their fall coats! This is usually when you will see the most shedding with your Frenchie. It takes the old fur out gently, quickly, and effectively. Click HERE for the link

ADULT Shampoo

For your young one: ONLY use shampoo if the bottle specifically has the word puppy on it! We recommend any kind that is tear-free.

Kiehl’s Dog Shampoo and Conditioner: This was recommended to us by a Bluegrass Frenchie familiy! It is wonderful and keeps our Frenchie’s fur so soft! This shampoo is
what Christina uses on all of our adult Frenchies and use the conditioner only once a month. Click HERE for the link

Maddie Girl Organics: This line of products was specifically
created by a Bluegrass Frenchie family for their three (Maddie, Izzy, and Evie) little cuties. Maddie Girl Organics is safe for any doggie over six months of age. Gget 10% off your first order using BLUEGRASS10 Click HERE for the link

Nail Care

Puppy Care: For the puppy stage, we use regular human toenail clippers. They are easy to use and allow you to see the quick easily (the red section of your puppy’s toenail). Make sure you are only clipping the very tip of the nail. Christina is going to be sharing a blog post on tips for cutting your puppies and adult Frenchie’s nails. If you prefer, most vet offices will clip your dog’s nails at the appointment if you ask.

Adult nail grinder: This is an item we like to use on our adult doggies. It is slower than clipping, but you are less likely to cut the nail too short (and possible cause bleeding). This method gives the bottom of the nails a nice smooth finish! Click HERE for the link 

Doggie Beds and Care Seats

Nandog: We have their dog beds all over our house! Christina and Cameron have two2 in each room of their house, so their puppies have different options! We like the traditional quilted beds for everyday use. Natty will testify that her favorite is the calming shaggy bed (mostly because she hides her toys in the corners and pretends no one can find them). We also like the fun designs such as the pineapple, banana, cupcake, or royal crown! Click HERE for the link

Puppy Car Seat: So many great options out there. For puppies, we like the booster seats, so the puppies are up off the ground and can look out the window. We have found they are less likely to get car sick if they can see what is going on. We picked ours up at Petsmart and can’t find the exact model.  Click here. to find a similar one.  Make sure it has a click that can hook on to your puppies harness.

Adult Car Seats: For our adults, we like for them to be touching the bottom of the seat and raised up. Again, so your Frenchie can look out the window and see what is going on. We bought ours on Amazon, click HERE.  However, there are several great brands out there.  Just make sure it has a seat belt clip that attaches to your Frenchie and the car seat can be securely fastened. For this model, your normal car seat belt loops through the back of the car seat to hold it in place. They also have an attachment that connects to your regular seat belt that gets hooked our your Frenchie’s harness. This is important in case you need to brake quickly. This style should keep your Frenchie from getting up and wandering around the vehicle.


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