Getting your Frenchie


As much as we L O V E going on puppy deliveries and meeting our new families we will NOT be doing any deliveries if your state is one of the top 10 hot spots. In the event your state is one of the top 10 when your puppy is ready to go you will need to either fly or drive here or we can try and meet you in the middle. This has only come up once during all of this. Thanks for your understanding. 🐾

Check your states status here on the CDC Website:


We have several different ways for you to get your Frenchie. You can come here to us, we can come to you or we can meet somewhere in the middle. If we meet outside of KY we do not have to charge you Kentucky sales tax. Just let us know know which way works best for you. 

Once you have decided on an option for getting your puppy, please text or call Christina at 859-893-3862 so we can reserve the day and time for you! Our calendar fills up quickly, so the sooner the better. If flying please confirm with Christina before booking any tickets

delivery5I. H A N D – D E L I V E R Y: If you can’t come to us we can come to you. We will happily fly or drive to bring your puppy directly to you. We love to travel and will often stay for a day or two in your area. We just think of the delivery as a part of our Frenchie Adventures.

Kay and Christina are  limited to the days that they can travel so book this in advance to best meet your family’s needs. We ask families to try and get on our calendar a month in advance.



delivery4II. P I C K I N G – U P IN KENTUCKY: You can come here and pick up your puppy. We are happy for you to do that and we love that we get to meet all of our families face to face. We have some families that will fly in and others that will drive here. Our days are very flexible if you are coming “all the way to us” in Richmond on a Monday through Friday.

If flying in the best airport for us to meet you is the Lexington BlueGrass airport (code LEX, Free delivery). delivery3You can also fly into the Louisville airport (code SDF, $150 delivery fee) or the Cincinnati/Northern KY airport (code CVG, $200 delivery fee). We ask that you check with us before booking your flight and arrangements are made. We like to book these with a months notice but can often work families in with a 2 week notice. We can only meet at the airport on Mondays, Tuesdays and Sundays ( I will book up a month in advance). If you are flying be sure to check with airline on the correct size carrier you will need. If you sign up for 4 weeks of training we include an airline carrier so that we can get them use to being in it before the flight.

If driving here to us we are really flexable to the day and time you want to come. Also be sure to book pick up date with us as far in advance as possible so we can make arrangements with our work/kids schedules as well. Our address for meeting is  1010 Brandy Lane suite A,  Richmond, KY 40475. Directly behind the bank!

If you don’t get training we do offer a complete travel package for $149. (This price includes tax)


delivery2III. M E E T I N G: Some families like the option of meeting in the middle. We will happily meet you outside of Kentucky a bit closer to your home. This will also save you from having to pay KY sales tax (which we hate having to collect).  If this is the option you are wanting please make arrangements with us as soon as you choose your Frenchie. A months notice helps but we can normally work something out with a 3 weeks notice. We drive to meet families on WEEKENDS only. The delivery charge for this is $2.69 per mile ONE way; as long as one way is under 4 hours. (If the drive for us is over 4 hours one way please add an extra $300 for hotel & time off work).

You can use our address 1010 Brandy Lane,  Richmond, KY 40475 and map how far you want us to drive.



N O    S H I P P I N G: We DO NOT ship our puppies via cargo or in ground cargo vans. We DO NOT use outside puppy carriers. We ONLY do Face-to-Face meetings with our French bulldog puppies and adults. This way we get to meet you and you get to meet us and your Frenchie. Please know that the health and safety of our Frenchies is and will always be our first concern!

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