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Our AKC Show Winners

press1Our BlueGrass French bulldog baby girl Ethel winning at an AKC show. This is a perfect example of why we love to stay in touch with our BlueGrass families and of how they love their French bulldogs so much the word just spreads.

Ethel’s family told friends about how much they loved their girl and their friends then bought Frankie from us. The two were a match made in heaven and there was soon to be a French bulldog wedding! Really? Yup, I couldn’t make this stuff up, guest, attendants, cake, party and honeymoon. What fun!

Our BlueGrass French bulldog Anna belongs to a mother and daughter team. Barb and Tiffany love her to pieces are having a ball taking her to the AKC shows. As you can see she is loving it and winning. Anna is doing great! She now has 8 points in the show ring towards AKC champion status. But her new mama says,

“Anna’s personality is what is so amazing, we can’t go anywhere without her drawing attention. She is just the greatest”.- Barbara


Chunk Goes Hollywood…

Leslee & Beny were so excited to share with us when Chunk was chosen to be in the Ford Fusion commercial that aired during American Idol. The Ford motor company has been around a long time and they know if you want to draw attention adding a French bulldog makes people think quality and SMILE!



press11Hudson makes the news …

You will see French Bulldogs in the new EVERYWHERE. Seems I can’t turn on the tv that you don’t see a French bulldog! Here is a shot of the national news. They were doing a feature on take your dog to work day. Our own little BlueGrass baby Hudson was top pick to be featured on TV. Gotta love French Bulldogs!!

press16Cooper’s Face makes history!

Cooper’s owner Elisa loves her guy so much he is the face of her Pet Store.

I have to say we really love Cooper too and have his face plasted everywhere too. I loved how the artist sketched him and asked if we could use the inmage on our online magazine and she was thrilled.

This guy is now 6 and we are so excited to still be keeping in touch. We don’t just want to sell you a French bulldog we want to get to hear stories like this and see pictures as they grow and change throughout their life!


press31Sophie Asked to be Sketched

Local artist saw Sara walking her French bulldog Sophie and asked if he could sketch her and showcase her in his art gallery.

Sarah was so sweet she sent us a copy of the article, the ad the artist used and a copy of his photo and painting. If you ever come to visit with me to pick up your French bulldog puppy or just to meet us you will see the painting of Sophie proudly having in my office.

Thanks you Sara for thinking of us!


press26Cabo Modeling for Pet Magazine

Our French bulldog Cabo modeling for a magazine. He is such a handsome boy and Melissa loves sharing his stories and adventures with us. Go Cabo!

We see lots of French bulldogs website that have pictures of famous French bulldogs and French bulldogs in the movies. They have posters of French bulldogs all over their website. However, we wonder why all the flash and glitz? Why post pictures of French bulldogs that are NOT from your bloodlines? I’ve never really understood that. We try to keep it simple. We like to share the news when families share it with us because we are happy that they share the lives of their BlueGrass French bulldogs and theirs as well. We ONLY have our VERY OWN French bulldog pictures posted on the pages of our website and yes we have several French bullogs that are in the movies too but we offer confidentiality for our clients and unless they tell us we can use their image then we do not.

In the end it is about building relationships with our families and we like that personal approach. We are sure that they do too!




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