Puppies Available:

We currently have 5 puppies available. 


Litter 1

Parents Libby & Rascal

Born 10/23

6 weeks 12/5

Ready to go 12/25 if driving in 1/1 if flying in


Leo- on HOLD


Leo is a cutie little cream male. His little nose has come in all the way back now. He still isn’t doing much yet but getting around a little bit more each day. He is still spending most of his days hanging out, eating, playing and sleeping. He will be ready for his new family by Christmas is driving in or after Jan 1st if flying in. Airlines require puppies to be 10 weeks if they are flying.

UPDATE: Leo has been scooped up for a Christmas surprise. On HOLD awaiting contract. We are looking forward to Christmas Day photos. He is really on the move now. Crazy how fast they grow. He is a spunky little go getter. Loves to be near me. Makes it hard to get pictures but we love that he is a cuddle bug.

Both parents are on the small end so we expect Leo to be on the small end as well. He is be a great addition to any family. Both his parents are super social and love people and our other furry family.


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Meet the Parents…

Mom– Libby is a beautiful small cream girl with great conformation. Nobody beats Libby when it comes to loving. She is a silly sweet yet spoiled little princess and is a true joy to be around. She loves going on walks and craves attention. She couldn’t love people more. I think you’ll be very pleased with a little cutie from our girl Libby. She is a 3rd generation BlueGrass Frenchie which means we have a long health history with this BlueGrass bloodline. Libby’s has an amazing pedigree and her Dad has 32 AKC champions!

Dad- Rascal is our little homegrown cream male. He is just as stocky as can be with short back and great head. He is a total love. You can see more information about him on him on our stud dog page. Be sure and pull up his pedigree to see all of his champions. I knew from the moment he was born that I couldn’t let him go. You can’t go wrong with a puppy sired by Rascal.


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(End of Litter 1)


Litter 2

Parents Mocha & Rollo

1 Chocolate puppy available

Born 10/21

7 WEEKS ON 12/9

Ready to go 12/23 if driving in OR 12/30 if flying in


Brownie-on HOLD


UPDATE: Brownie is on HOLD for the Greene family awaiting contract. Congrats and welcome to our BlueGrass family.

Brownie is a chocolate brindle female with white blaze on her chest. The chocolates are really rare and very beautiful. She is a show stopper with her beautiful blue eyes. We’ve only had a few chocolates in the 12 years we have been breeding Frenchies but they are really striking, even more so in person so come and visit with her. Both her mom and dad are very nice looking chocolates. Not like some of the tall imports that you see that look like the Boston Terrier breed. They are really beautiful Frenchies. We think based on parents she will be about 22-24 lbs full grown. Perfect for the family that loves to travel. I can’t wait to follow this girls adventures!

The girls bought Brownie a Hershey’s kiss necklace. The charm is on her collar. We will send the charm and necklace with her for her family. She really IS sweeter than chocolate. Loves people and very playful. See her little video below with her brother Chip.  


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UPDATE: Chip was just scooped up by Eric & Rachel. Congrats and welcome to our BueGrass Family.

Chip is the runt of the litter so may be a bit smaller than his parents full grown. He is a chocolate with just a touch of brindle in his coat and a large white blaze on his chest. Don’t let his size full you he is the powerhouse of the litter. He is the hardest for me go get pictures of because he doesn’t sit still unless he is sleeping. LOL

This little guy is what we call small in size but big in character.


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CHARLIE is available


Charlie is a chocolate male with smaller shite blaze on his chest. Charlie has the “class” boxy French bulldog look with the super RARE Chocolate coat. Love his nice square head and boxy body. Great stance. If AKC would let the chocolate’s show this would be your guy!  Charlie is just a sweet in nature. He is a little on the shy side and loves cuddles and kisses. Playful but will sit in our lap already and just snooze away,.. If you are looking for more of the laid back Frenchie this will be the one for you.

Charlie is old enough for company so if you are interested in him and would like to set up a play date just give Kay a call or text her at 859-582-3315.

PHOTO SLIDE SHOW OF CHARLIE…please forgive the phone pictures. Learning to use this new phone.

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Buy CHARLIE here: 1) Fill out puppy purchase application “here”. 2) Place $500 deposit to reserve her “here”. 3) Download contract “here“.  *THE DEPOSIT TO HOLD A CHOCOLATE IS $1000.



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More about CoCo’s parents, Mocha & Rollo…

Mom Mocha is a beautiful, cobby girl with perfect show quality conformation and is 24 lbs. She is just an all-around outstanding French bulldog. Mocha  is not only beautiful Chocolate herself but has produced some amazing Chocolate puppies as well. We just keep getting blessed with amazing Frenchies!  Mocha is a happy, healthy and well-adjusted French bulldog. We strive to breed the best of the best and that high quality continues with our rare colors as well. We know the the chocolates are more expensive and not for everyone…but everyone that has one loves this coloring!! The Chocolate Frenchies are real show stoppers that is for sure!

Dad Rollo is a handsome Chocolate brindle. Well-bred in an understatement with this guy. Rollo is just an all-around outstanding Frenchie. Huge blocky head, handsome square face, Solid body, Short back, Great bone structure & low to the ground and is 23 lbs of pure muscle. One amazing personality too. Ideally perfect AKC standard Frenchie inside and out and to be a Chocolate…WOW!. AKC registered and DNA tested. Don’t miss out on one of ROLLO’S puppies.

(End of Litter 2)


Litter 3

Parents WP & Milo

1 Cream Male available

Born 11/3

6 WEEKS ON 12/15

Ready to go after 1/12


Wally is available


Wally is a cream male. He is really on the move now. It is so much fun to watch them as they grow and develop. Being with them is the highlight of my day.  Both parents are really nice Frenchies. Mom is small weighing in at just 18 lbs. Dad Milo’s AKC pedigree is full of champions. I think families will be very happy with one of their puppies. If you are interested please call or text Kay 859-582-3315.


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Buy Wally here: 1) Fill out puppy purchase application “here”. 2) Place $500 deposit to reserve her “here”. 3) Download contract “here“.


Wally in the green collar is available, Walter in the black collar (on SOLD) and Lucky in the blue collar (SOLD).


Meet the parents…WP & Milo

Mom– Our exquisite cream girl with light cream is one amazing Frenchie girl. She has a nice short back and lovely face. WP is ideally the perfect AKC Frenchies standard (in a Word… Perfection “WP”). She is on the small side at 16 lbs that our BlueGrass families really like. Not only is WP beautiful but she is one of the most loving Frenchie anyone could have. I think that she comes by that naturally. Don’t miss out on one of her cuties.

Dad– Milo is a 4rd generation Bluegrass Frenchie. His great grandfather is Styles, Sr. and his father is Mojo.  Mojo’s mom is our beautiful fawn Madison.  Madison is AKC Champions sired also.  Between both parents’ bloodlines . Milo has an impressive AKC Champion pedigree. He has reached his full growth at just 19 lbs. of pure muscle. He is stocky and low to the ground. If you are wowed by his pedigree and love his size and conformation you’d be blown away by his heart stealing personality. He has never met person or animal he doesn’t love!

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(End of Litter 3)


Litter 4

Parents Blue Wave & Choco Delight

2 Blue & White Pied Males available

Born 11/7

5 WEEKS ON 12/12

Ready to go after 1/16


Bae is available

Blue Male


Bae is a blue and white pied male. He is super adorable with the think white line running down his face. Nice profile and perfect little tail make this little guy all around a favorite. Bae’s mom is a blue and dad is a chocolate and white pied. Really excited about these two boys in this litter. If you are interested in Bae please fill out profile on our website or call or text Kay at 859-582-3315. Sorry about the bad quality of the video. I’m learning to use this new iphone and it is a bit over my head. As always we welcome families to come to our beautiful Bluegrass state of KY and visit with us any time. I had a drop in the other day and so enjoyed Ginny and Brinkley’s visit. The family ahs 2 of our Frenchies and was just passing through on their way home and wanted to stop by and say hi. Love it. If you want to add a Frenchie to your family and never hear from the breeder again please don’t get one from us. We LOVE that our Families stay in touch with us.


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Buy Bae here: 1) Fill out puppy purchase application “here”. 2) Place $500 deposit to reserve her “here”. 3) Download contract “here“.


Boss is available

Blue Pied Male (red collar)


Boss is a blue and white pied male. He is more white than blue. Both of these boys are spunky. You can see in their video. They are white the characters. We are keeping their sisters so will want to stay in touch with families. As if we don’t like to do this with everyone. We love staying in touch.

If you are interested in adding Boss to your family call or text Kay at 859-582-3315


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Buy Boss here: 1) Fill out puppy purchase application “here”. 2) Place $500 deposit to reserve her “here”. 3) Download contract “here“.

Videos of Boss & Bae…

Boy do I need a lesson in how to work this new phone. LOL. Sorry for the newest videos. I will try and figure it out soon.


Meet the parents…Blue Wave & Choco Delight

Photo slideshow of parents

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Mom, Blue Wave is a beautiful blue brindle Frenchie. She is so sweet and gentle. Just the best mom ever. When they say they broke the mold well with some it is true. She is true to the Frenchie characteristic and is a joy, a clown and a Velcro Frenchie all the way. Blue Wave is 16 lbs of pure muscle, has a beautiful profile and nice French Bully head. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with the looks or personality of one of her puppies.

Dad– Choco Delight is just that…pure delight. A puppy from this stud will not disappoint as a Frenchie addition for yourself or as a gift. The chocolate Frenchies are still really rare so they are real show stoppers on the streets. We have perfected the size (he is 18 lbs) and body style that we like in our standard colors to our rare colors and that is priceless. You may be able to find the rare colors for less but be sure to look at the parents so that you can truly compare the quality, size, looks and standard. Looking forward to the day the AKC will let the blues and chocolates in the show ring because we have some winners for sure!

(End of Litter 4)


Litter 5

Parents Bailey & Rocky

1 Girl Available

Born 11/13

4 WEEKS ON 12/11

Ready to go after 1/22


Bubbles is available


Bubbles is a stocky little black and white pied. She is mostly white with a few pied markings that look more like little black bubbles fell on her. So adorable, you can see more of her in their little video below.  Please call or text Kay if you are interested in one of bubbles. 859-582-3315

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Buy Bubbles here: 1) Fill out puppy purchase application “here”. 2) Place $500 deposit to reserve her “here”. 3) Download contract “here“.

Video of Bailey’s girls…Brandi, fawn with black mask (on SOLD), Bubble, black and white pied & Bonnie, black brindle (SOLD). ENJOY!


Meet the Parents…

Dad- Rocky is a cream lover’s dream. He is handsome, well built, very muscular Frenchie with nice bat ears and great confirmation. He is great with people and other animals. He is 23 lbs of pure muscle. I think anyone would be thrilled with a Rocky puppy.


Mom- Bailey is one tiny Frenchie at just 16 lbs wet! She thinks that the world revolves around her.My little clown is such a sweetheart, loves to be your shadow. She is mild and laid back, enjoys her puppies & is the most loving Frenchie anyone could ever have. A mamma’s girl that walks around with a spring in her step. Perfect confirmation and great profile. This is one of our favorites when it comes to both looks and personality. Don’t let one of her puppies pass you by. They will go quickly.

Photo slide show of parents…

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 (End of Litter 5)

puppy-pricesIf you are interested in getting on our waiting list for a puppy please fill out a profile and adoption questionnaire or if you have questions call, email or text Kay 859-582-3315. If texting please include your name with the text message. If you would like to place a HOLD or back up deposit to reserve one of these puppies and have already submitted the adoption profile and questionnaire go here to make deposit to reserve one of these puppies.

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