Puppies Available:

We currently have 3 puppies available. They are listed by litter with parents of the litters pictures at the bottom of each section. Please call or text Kay with any questions 859-582-3315.



Litter 1

Parents: Blue Wave & Chocolate Delight

1 Blue & White Pied Male- on HOLD

Born 11/7

14 WEEKS ON 2/13


Boss- on HOLD


Boss is a super small blue & white pied male for his age. He is spunky & playful and Oh so sweet. You can see this in his video. Boss is quite the character. We are keeping his 3 sisters so we would love to stay in touch with his family.  Boss loves cuddles and kisses and is a total lap puppy when you are ready to relax. He is doing really well with coming when called and we have started his house and crate training which he is doing really well with. This makes for a much smoother transition from our house to yours. Our little Boss is old enough for interested families to come and have a play date with him. If you are interested please call or text Kay at 859-582-3315. The blue in his coat is much more visible in person. Very beautiful blue eyes too!


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Video of Boss in action  at 12 and then 14 weeks of age…ENJOY!


Meet the parents…Blue Wave & Choco Delight

Photo slideshow of parents

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Mom, Blue Wave is a beautiful blue brindle Frenchie. She is so sweet and gentle. Just the best mom ever. When they say they broke the mold well with some it is true. She is true to the Frenchie characteristic and is a joy, a clown and a Velcro Frenchie all the way. Blue Wave is 16 lbs of pure muscle, has a beautiful profile and nice French Bully head. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with the looks or personality of one of her puppies.

Dad– Choco Delight is just that…pure delight. A puppy from this stud will not disappoint as a Frenchie addition for yourself or as a gift. The chocolate Frenchies are still really rare so they are real show stoppers on the streets. We have perfected the size (he is 18 lbs) and body style that we like in our standard colors to our rare colors and that is priceless. You may be able to find the rare colors for less but be sure to look at the parents so that you can truly compare the quality, size, looks and standard. Looking forward to the day the AKC will let the blues and chocolates in the show ring because we have some winners for sure!

(End of Litter 1)


Litter 2

Parents: Bailey & Rocky

1 Girl Available: Brandy

Born 11/13

15 WEEKS ON 2/26

Ready to go now




Current Weight 4 lbs 1 oz

Brandy is a TINY fawn female with black mask, lot of LOVE in a littlre package. She is the runt of the litter and is really boxy. Kay can carry her around in her pocket while she works Brandy is so small. Don’t let her size fool you though. She is happy and healthy and has a big personality. Crate and house training are going well. She loves cuddles and kisses and is super smart. Brandy is old enough for interested families to come and meet her. If you are interested in her or would like to set up a play date please call or text Kay at 859-582-3315.


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Buy BRANDY here: 1) Fill out puppy purchase application “HERE”. 2) Place $500 deposit to reserve her “HERE”. 3) Download contract “HERE“.

Video of my Brandy girl…


Meet the Parents…

Dad- Rocky is a cream lover’s dream. He is handsome, well built, very muscular Frenchie with nice bat ears and great confirmation. He is great with people and other animals. He is 23 lbs of pure muscle. I think anyone would be thrilled with a Rocky puppy.

Mom- Bailey is one tiny Frenchie at just 16 lbs wet! She thinks that the world revolves around her.My little clown is such a sweetheart, loves to be your shadow. She is mild and laid back, enjoys her puppies & is the most loving Frenchie anyone could ever have. A mamma’s girl that walks around with a spring in her step. Perfect confirmation and great profile. This is one of our favorites when it comes to both looks and personality. Don’t let one of her puppies pass you by. They will go quickly.

Photo slide show of parents…

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 (End of Litter 2)


Litter 3

Parents: Little Bit & Mickey

Born 1/3

8  WEEKS ON 2/28

Ready to go after 2/26




Current Weight 4 lbs 0 oz

Tank is a fawn male with black mask. Tank is the perfect name for this little guy. He is very short and stocky. Nice boxy bully head, short back, short tail. Our daughter Christina is begging to keep him and if we didn’t already have enough males I’d let her. He really is that amazing!! Great little personality too. Playful and laid back. Loves the yoga stretch already.

Tank is old enough for company so if you are interested in adding him to your family and would like to come and visit with him just call or text Kay to set up a play date. 859-582-3315


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Video of TANK…ENJOY!

Tank playing with his Mom Lil Bit..


Buy TANK here: 1) Fill out puppy purchase application “HERE”. 2) Place $500 deposit to reserve him “HERE”. 3) Download contract “HERE“.



MOM- Lil Bit is a beautiful, well bred, fawn female Frenchie with black mask. She weighs just 25 lbs. She is loads of fun with her great Frenchie personality.  Lil Bit loves to run and play and her toys.  She is fun loving and gentle and so enjoys the puppy stage. Hope you enjoy watched the video of her playing with Tank. She also loves to cuddle and just hang out.

DAD- Mickey is a nice boxy stocky built Frenchie. His Dad was our Midnight Blue. So we knew he would have amazing puppies. Mickey is on the heaver side and is 27 lbs of pure muscle. He loves to be outside running an playing, a real nature lover. Will grab falling  leaves and bring them inside. Loves chatting with his Frenchies friends. Mickey is quite the social butterfly. IF you’d like a well built male you can’t go wrong with this amazing sire.


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Litter 4

Parents: Chloe & Milo

1 Puppies Available

Born 1/8/18

5 WEEKS ON 2/12

Ready to go after 3/19




Current Weight 3 lbs 5oz

Chance is a fawn male. He is just 3 weeks here so he is spending all of his time with his momma. Our Frenchies get to stay with mom 24/7, we feel this gives them the very best start and they learn so much from mom during these early stages of development. Mom will wean him at about 6 weeks and we take over almost full time from there but parent teaching is still going on. We keep our Frenchies until they are 10 weeks old and have gotten first 2 puppy shots. We will update here in the next few weeks on his personality as it emerges around 5-7 weeks. Right now we are just enjoying how boxy he is. If you have any questions or are interested in Chane please just call or text Kay 859-582-3315.


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Video of Chance & Caroline (sold)

Buy CHANCE here: 1) Fill out puppy purchase application “HERE”. 2) Place $500 deposit to reserve him “HERE”. 3) Download contract “HERE“.



MOM- Chloe is an awesome cream Frenchie girl. She has a nice muscular physique, is 23 lbs. & is absolutely gorgeous. She has a beautiful bully head without bully attitude. Chloe is a total Daddy’s girl and follows Gary everywhere. She is always ready to play and loves to be outside. She is a total nature lover. She is crazy about fall and loves to play with the leaves. She is fun to watch as she will chase the leaves and flip them up in the air. She is very athletic Frenchie and would do well in agility classes. If you are looking for a Frenchie that is up for adventure and travel I’d be looking for a puppy from Chloe. She loves car rides and if you invite her for a ride she is always ready to go. We are very happy to be loved by her. We so enjoy loving on her little ones. ***CHLOE WILL RETIRE WHEN THIS LITTER GOES OUT. Chloe is 4 years od, super social, likes kids, UTD on all of her shots, comes with 1 year health guarantee, favorite items from home and lifetime support. Chloe is available for $1950. If a family would like to adopt Chloe and one of her 2 puppies we will offer $500 off of the puppy.***


DAD- Milo is a 4rd generation Bluegrass Frenchie. His great grandfather is Styles, Sr. and his father is Mojo.  Mojo’s mom is our beautiful fawn Madison.  Madison is AKC Champions sired also.  Between both parents’ bloodlines . Milo has an impressive AKC Champion pedigree. He has reached his full growth at just 23 lbs. of pure muscle. He is stocky and low to the ground. If you are wowed by his pedigree and love his size and conformation you’d be blown away by his heart stealing personality. He has never met person or animal he doesn’t love!


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If you are interested in getting on our waiting list for a puppy please fill out a profile and adoption questionnaire or if you have questions call, email or text Kay 859-582-3315. If texting please include your name with the text message. If you would like to place a HOLD or back up deposit to reserve one of these puppies and have already submitted the adoption profile and questionnaire go here to make deposit to reserve one of these puppies.

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