What Sets Us Apart from the rest of the pack?


First I’d like to say that ALL of the pictures on our website are BlueGrass Frenchies and our offspring. We hope that you enjoy all of the pictures as you are reading through the content on this page. We thought the pictures would make the reading more fun!

puppy-deliveryAbout us…We don’t just breed French Bulldogs our Frenchies are our furry family. Talk to anyone who has one of our French bulldogs and they will tell you that the extra time, love and care we put into hand-raising our French bulldogs is “priceless”. If you are looking for cheap you are not looking for quality. We hope that as you read through this page you will see that we know Frenchies AND we care enough that we want our new families to be well informed too.

We are very hands on with our French bulldogs from the time they are born until they are in your loving arms! French Bulldogs may look tough on the outside, but inside they are lovable, soft, caring and easygoing. These dogs spread the good vibes wherever they go. Outgoing and open, they love nothing more than to cuddle on the couch, romp on the carpet or play in the yard. Boasting unlimited energy, they sometimes have no idea when (or how) to stop their motors. But, with a French bulldog, things never get out of hand. They rarely lose their cool, snap or bark. They simply want to roll around and play.

All of our French bulldogs are bred on our 60 acre farm. We are dedicated to raising quality French bulldogs for both pet and show homes. We DO NOT sell our French bulldogs to pet stores, puppy mills or other breeders unless they go through our extensive breeder interviewing process. We don’t import any puppies to resell. All of our puppies are really our puppies. Our daughter’s, when they can be, are right there in the delivery room with us helping with the mom’s C-section. Then once we get our babies home we take turns sitting with mom and newborns to make sure they are all getting the attention that they need. Raising our French bulldogs is a total family endeavor.

We also have a full time “Puppy Nanny” that comes to our house and stays all day while we are at work. We spare no expense making sure our French bulldogs have the VERY best care! We don’t just stop here either. We want your puppy to leave us with the BEST that we can provide for you and your puppy.


AKC Breed With H.E.A.R.T

This is an AKC program that focuses on breeding dogs with Health, Education, Accountability, Responsibility, and Tradition in mind. We are proud to announce that we are members of this program and strive to uphold their expectations.

Health: You certify that your breeding stock is health tested in accordance with the recommendations of their breed’s AKC Breed Parent Club.

Education: Promising that you will pursue AKC-provided or AKC-approved continuing breeder education so that you stay educated on the best breeding practices, including advances in canine health.

Accountability: Agreeing to comply with the AKC Care and Conditions Policy, including inspections by the AKC, and promising to share health testing and continuing education documentation with AKC.

Responsibility: Accepting responsibility for the health and well-being of the puppies you produce and for complying with all laws regarding the ownership and maintenance of dogs.

Tradition: Upholding the AKC’s tradition of breeding purebred dogs that are happy and healthy.

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We offer you the best!

  • A waiting list for families that want to have FIRST priority
  • Our contract online for you to be able to preview before making any kind of payment
  • 2 year health guarentee on all of our puppies
  • Vet check up and Health Certificate
  • Complete shot and deworming records
  • One-on-One puppy training
  • Hand delivery service
  • Travel crate if needed
  • Best of all…Care and Support for Life

We call our process of purchasing a French bulldog from us an adoption process because you aren’t just adding a puppy to your home you are adding a new family member and COMPANION for life. We don’t want to just sell you a puppy and never hear from you again. We want to stay in touch and hear stories and see pictures for years to come. As a thank you to our families that DO take the time to stay in touch with us we like to send out:

* A birthday treat for your Frenchie each year

* A BlueGrass calendar each year featuring our BlueGrass offspring


ALL of our puppies come with an AKC Complete Puppy Protection Package.

The AKC Puppy Protection Package includes:

  • akc-puppy-protectionAKC Registration for your puppy
  • AKC puppy Pedigree if requested
  • AKC 60-Day trial AKC Pet Healthcare Plan
  • IF you want your puppy micro chipped. Lifetime enrollment in AKC Companion Animal Recovery (CAR) pet recovery service
  • AKC Family Dog Magazine- 1 year subscription
  • AKC New Puppy Handbook
  • Lifetime Behavioral support thru AKC GoodDog Helpline
  • Complimentary first office visit at a veterinary practice listed with the AKC Veterinary Network

We like to include a little “fun and comfort” as well so we provide you with a new puppy starter kit.

Your new Puppy Kit includes:

  • Areggie-box soft puppy receiving blanket
  • Beginner treats
  • 2 toys/ one for chewing
  • Nose Butter from the Blissful Dog
  • Beginner puppy dental kit
  • Sample Victor “Ocean Formula” all stages dog food
  • Puppy probiotic to help with transition and more!

You can read more about the Blissful dog on their website. Owner and developer Kathy was once a French bulldog breeder and she remains very loyal the to the breed. As you can see we want our Frenchies to be Happy, Healthy, Social & Friendly. We breed for HEALTH first followed closely by conformation and temperament. That is our goal and we hear from our families we have been very successful at providing that. Don’t just take our word for this though, read our referral page or click on the link at the bottom of the page and join us on Facebook. We want you to feel 100% comfortable getting your French bulldog from us.

Take a look around our website and see all of our Amazing French bulldogs. I think you will also see how much our Bluegrass families care about us and how much we care about them. We sure hope that it SHINES through!

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