Striving to be the Best!

We are “family based” and that is our main focus! We are a hobby kennel dedicated to breeding First-Rate, Top Quality French bulldogs. All we raise are French Bulldogs. We specialize in the short stocky build, smaller end French bulldogs with the nice boxy heads. Our average weight is 22 lbs. The look of our French bulldogs is our trademark appearance. We have our families tell us that we have the most beautiful French bulldogs anywhere.

kennel1 Our Kennel: We are licensed in the state of Kentucky and inspected through the American Kennel club. Inspections can be performed anytime, Monday through Friday, 52 weeks out of the year. This doesn’t bother us because we are always ready. Only breeders that are in compliance with the rules and regulations of the American Kennel Club are given a Certificate of Inspection. The AKC inspector looks for our French bulldogs to be true representations of the breed, to be healthy and well socialized. We always pass our inspections with flying colors. Being that I am a retired school teacher, I like that.

We also do things a little differently than most kennels. Our French bulldogs are family. We spare no expense in giving our Frenchies the best quality of life. If they need anything we take them to our veterinarian, no home fixes here, we believe in quality care. Our French bulldogs live in a climate controlled, heated and air conditioned kennel (our daughters call them apartments). Our kennel is fully insulated with the highest grade just like our home. We have air purifiers for better air quality and hot water for those cold winter days. We have cameras throughout the kennel so we can keep an eye on our French bulldogs all of the time. Our French bulldogs eat nothing but the best food available. Our French bulldogs eat Victor “all stages” dog food.  It really is a cageless experience as we let our dogs play in their 150′ X 150′ playground which also contains a kiddy pool in the summer for extra fun and play! Don’t just take our word for it we have lots of references from happy families as well as from our veterinarian.

kennel2Our French bulldogs each have their own little play buddy they play with & they love it PLUS the socialization is VERY important! Having this freedom to run and play is part of what makes house training our Frenchies easier. Our kennel is meticulously maintained and bleached down weekly to keep their living environment sterile and clean.

You’ll notice that we are one of the few kennels that will actually show you pictures of their kennel inside and out. Look at the inside picture and you’ll notice how neat and clean the kennel is, vinyl flooring, (no wood or dirt floors), ceiling fans, plenty of lighting, sink, refrigerator, & heat/AC unit. All of this with the freedom to come and go really makes for a very social living environment. Kay’s father is a retired veterinarian and he recommend we double the standard requirements so we did. Having freedom to play is what helps make our French bulldogs such happy, laid back and well tempered!

kennel3Our Frenchies: High Quality that is another one of our goals. We keep & breed only the best quality French bulldogs. You’ll notice that we always post pictures of the sire and dam along with their puppy’s pictures. This is done so you’ll see BOTH of the puppies parents. Many breeders won’t post the adult pictures because they are worried you’ll see what the puppies might look like as adults (or even worse they don’t have one or either of the parents and are just puppy brokers).

Many websites even use props like jewels and boas to make their French bulldog puppy pictures cuter to potential buyers. We just like to have the kids and the puppies, as they are a natural combination! We keep our stud dogs pictures posted at all times. We post three pictures of each of them all at different angles. All of our dogs are AKC Registered.  All of our males have been DNA tested with AKC, and have a 5 generation pedigree.

kennel4Our Planned Breedings: Being a reputable breeder with high quality French bulldogs takes extra time and effort but we find it rewarding knowing we are breeding our French bulldogs the right way. All of our breedings are carefully considered to provide quality French bulldog puppies. Our females are only bred once a year if that. All our puppies are born by C-section. This is because the Dam is too short and cobby to allow pups to pass through naturally so it can be harmful to the mom and her puppies to let her try and deliver on her own. We want the very best for our French bulldogs and I’m sure that is just what you are looking for too, the BEST French bulldog puppies that you will find anywhere. The fact that we take our time and give our French bulldogs the best is more expensive but we feel that a happy healthy mom is the best kind of mom to have. I’ve said this before but it is worth saying again IF you are looking for CHEAP you ARE NOT looking for a quality, loving breeder!

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