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While at Home with your Frenchie- Training Edition

Training your Frenchie Training your Frenchie how to be the best they can be is essential to their safety and well-being. Perhaps you took advantage of our one-on-one training offer while your puppy was still with us.  It is completely optionally, but it does send your puppy home with a better head start. If not, […]

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Dog Food Options

We have several different options when it comes to dog food and everyone has a different preference; from the ingredients to the style of food. We are going to provide a couple different option for you to decide what works best for your lifestyle! As always, gradually switch your Frenchies’ food. Doing it abruptly can […]

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Keep Your Pup Flea Free This Season!

With Spring in full bloom and summer on the way, flea control is on any pet owner’s mind. With a mild winter and a warmer than usual spring we may see an even higher increase in infestations than usual. Not to worry, there are many effective ways to eliminate these pests and with a few […]

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What unique qualities does your French bulldog have?

Carrie and Kit just hanging out around the house. The girls are always taking pictures with their phones and sending them to me. Kit is one of our French bulldogs that is a real go getter. She loves to play and be wherever we are. French bulldogs are very social and love to be with […]

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