French Bulldog Poem

“Chloe from the Bluegrass”

with Love Vicki Licandro

blog16The first time we saw her
she was only 4 lbs.
Her eyes were twinkling
but she made not a sound

All the way home
she was quiet as a mouse
But once we arrived
she took over the house

She is fawn and white

And her nose is a “pinky”
She sort of resembles
an oversized Twinkie!

She’s short and cobby

and low to the ground
She’s a pip and a stinker
And lots of energy per pound

She’s an angel and a devil

all rolled into one
But we love her in spite of that
cause she’s barrels of fun

She was born in the Bluegrass
from Styles Jr. and Jewel
And now lives in Louisville
with us & our Frenchie – how cool!

 The transition from Bluegrass

to us went with ease
For Frenchies are always
so eager to please

 She is friendly and spunky

With kids she is great
And I could not believe
She’d been trained in her crate!

How could this be?

She was only 8 weeks old!
To be trained at something already
was just pure GOLD!

 Her big sister, Shadow

has helped with her training
She even goes outside to pee
when it’s raining

Frenchies are adorable

and so very cute
I tell most people
they’re just “babies in dog suits”

 For they don’t seem like animals

at all to me
They are as human
as any baby can be

Chloe is a wonderful pup

and great pet
And if you have not decided
on which puppy to get

 I would strongly advise

you to get on Kay’s list
Look at all the puppies
you’ve already missed!

You won’t be sorry

when Kay lets you know
That the puppy you wanted
is now yours & ready to go

When she said we’d gotten Chloe

We were thrilled as can be
For what could be better
than a brand new puppy?

Take it from us

The best place to be
is from the Bluegrass
for World Class FRENCHIES!!

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