Scammers drive me crazy!!!





SCAMMERS drive me crazy!!! They steal everything from our whole website to pictures of our adults, our puppies and our children. Every time I report one scammer another pops up. I’m guessing I need to buy a watermark program and try to do more on my end to protect our photos from being used by these horrid people. I’ve worked very hard to try and inform the consumer. I’ve even had to work the with FBI when our whole website was stolen. But just to give you the biggest red flags…

1. If the puppy is under $2000… BEWARE!
2. If the seller ONLY takes Western Union… BEWARE!
3. If they only give you a PO Box…BEWARE!

It saddens me when people share the scams with me and talk about how they were taken or almost taken by scammers. I hate the watermark because it is one more thing that I have to do before sharing pictures and can’t do when I share right from my phone. I also don’t like that the watermark takes away from the picture and families buying the puppies don’t really want that. But to protect this is the new direction and I’ll be looking into watermark programs and get that going ASAP.

I could go on and on with my frustration but using my Children in your scam…special place for you that is for sure!!!  Gonna close with that but really…buyer beware…check references! We even have our hometown family veterinarian as one of our references. Ask for & Check these!

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