Litter 1

Parents: Natty & Stitch

Born 1-29-21

1 Puppy Available

 6 weeks on 3-12

Ready to go home 4-9


Nathan – $5,500

Nathan is a reverse brindle male (more brindle compared to black). This is also called a Tiger brindle and a rare form of brindle. Nathan is still really young, so his personality is still forming. Right now, he likes to snuggle with his mommy, drink lots of milk, and nap with his siblings. Update: Nathan is walking and drinking milk out of a big boy bowl! Nathan is currently available, for more information contact Christina at 859-893-3862

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Video of Nathan

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Meet the Parents

Mom, Natty

Natty is a pied female, she has symmetrical markings on her face, and black on her back. Natty is 20 pounds! Natty is Christina’s little girl and lives with her full time. Christina brought Natty home at 8 weeks old and they have been inseparable since. Natty is a 5th generation BlueGrass Frenchie! She Loves to take walks around the neighborhood, but only for 1/4th of a mile. After that, she wants to get in her stroller. Natty is a couch potato; she is always ready to curl up for survivor or movie night. She wants to be best friends with all the neighborhood kids and is a professional at playing fetch!


Dad, Stitch

A “Stitch” of Blue Linville, he is a Lilac! On physical looks, stitch’s coat has a tend of Blue/Silver and his eyes shine Redin the flash. He has a very nice square head. Stitch has been with us since he was 8 weeks old and instantly stole everyones heart. Christina and Stitch are now best friends, they love to watch the movie “Lilo and Stitch” haha. Stitch loves to play fetch, roll in the grass, and go on runs with Christina. He is very social and loves to be active. Stitch weights 21 pounds! He is AKC registered and has been micro chipped and DNA tested with AKC. Stitch has also been genetics tested with UC Davis. Stitchis Em/Em, d/d, K/N, ay/ay, b/b and N/S. Stitch also carries cream so he can produce platinum babies!