The Gift of Unconditional Love: Tips for Gifting a Puppy


How many gifts can provide year after year of unconditional love, companionship and affection? There aren’t many gifts that can compete with the addition of an adorable, furry and wriggling little bundle of joy into the family. Taking on a new puppy, as wonderful and rewarding as it is, still is a big commitment and merits serious and careful consideration. Before making any final decisions we’ll discuss a few important things to consider as well as some great ideas on how to gift a puppy if you decide to do so.

Factors to Consider Before Gifting a Puppy

Breathing gifts can’t be shoved under the bed and forgotten when the latest must-have-kid-gadget has more appeal. press25Remember—even if Fluffy is for the kids, the ADULT ultimately holds responsibility for the well-being of the pet. Will the child’s parents have the time to spend on one-on-one attention a new pet needs, and deserves? Be sure that the recipient truly wants and is ready for a puppy.

What if the kids, your spouse, close family member, or a best friend have made it clear they want a puppy, are prepared for the responsibility, and feel ready RIGHT NOW for a furry loved one in their life? You’re sure, and so are they. What can you do?

To make sure a Frenchie is a good fit for your loved one, visit this post to learn more about this, lovable, humorous and loyal breed.

george-reviewHow To Gift a Puppy

You can contact the professional breeder and explain the situation. Ask them to conspire with you—arrange to pay a deposit, or fund the purchase FOR the recipient, with the puppy to be chosen later. Perhaps also pre-pay puppy clicker training classes for the new family member, or fund the cost of the puppy’s first veterinary visit for puppy shots.

Create a “puppy care package” for the big day. Fill a puppy bed with treats, food, training and grooming equipment, and lots—lots!—of appropriate toys. Don’t forget to include a book or two about the puppy’s breed, training tips, or other fun information.

 Why not make a “gift certificate” that details this special surprise, and have that ready to present on the big day. adult20Perhaps it could be packaged inside a pet carrier, or in an envelope attached to the collar of a stuffed French Bulldog toy.

Take your time. Holidays can be hectic when normal routines go out the window. New puppies need the stability of knowing what to expect. But you can “gift” with the certificate on the special day, and the recipient can choose the best time to bring the pet home. Hopefully, you also have the fun of accompanying the person later, when they choose their own furry wonder.

When you do it right, gifting with a puppy can be magic. You’re not only giving the pet to a person—you’re giving a special human to a waiting puppy. Simply click here to see a list of currently available puppies and then start the purchasing process by filling out our online application today!


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