Step 4: Make Final Payment

Final Payment Form

⇒ Make final Payment on your Frenchie, indicating which payment option you will be using. Bluegrass Frenchies will send your AKC papers once final payment and original signed contracts have been received.

1. Terms: ALL money paid on a French bulldog from Bluegrass Frenchies is nonrefundable. If the buyer decides to change his/her mind for ANY REASON at anytime after the payment is made the entire payment is still nonrefundable. If you do decide not to get a puppy at this time but at a later date you will forfeit $500 of the amount you have paid as a service fee and the remainder will be applied to a Frenchie when you decide which one you would like to purchase from us. This allows us to only deal with serious buyers.

If you agree to these terms then we will gladly take and apply your final payment to the French Bulldog you have chosen and complete the process of getting your Frenchie into your loving arms.

  • I acknowledge reading all of the above terms of the final payment on my Frenchie and agree to all of these terms and understand that once my final payment is made it is nonrefundable and “no charge backs are allowed”.<I Agree

    2. Your Signature

    3. This is the balance “in full” for my Frenchie. Type his or her name here:

    5. What payment option will you be using to make your final payment?
    Credit CardCheck / Money OrderBank to Bank Wire TransferWestern Union TransferCash

  • Make Deposit:

    After you complete above form and hit SEND, you will be redirected to the Deposit Payment page.  Thank you!

    If paying by check or money order, send to:

    • Bluegrass Frenchies; 1010 Brandy Lane Unit F; Richmond, KY 40475

    If paying by debit or credit card:


    *We do not accept American Express.

    If paying by check or money order, send to:

    • Bluegrass Frenchies; 1010 Brandy Lane, Unit F; Richmond, KY 40475

    If paying by Bank to Bank Wire Transfer:

    • Request Bank Account & Routing Numbers to process transfer by emailing us at or calling Christina (859-893-3862) or Kay (859-582-3315).
    • Take the form to your bank to process (either online, by phone or in person at your bank).

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