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We offer a paid waiting list. It is super easy. 1) Fill out adoption application. 2) Fill out family questionnaire. 3) Place a $500 deposit. We take Visa, MasterCard and Discover or personal check. ***You can also preview our adoption process online before placing deposit and read over our contract & 1 year health guarantee. BONUS:Families on our waiting list have first option on all puppies for 2 WEEKS after they are born. We email our waiting list a Birth Announcement once each litter is born so they will know that we have new puppies and don't miss out on one that they might want.
MOCHA & CHOCOLATE BEAR...3 Puppies Available.

These puppies are old enough for you to come and visit and meet them before taking them home with you. Just call Kay to schedule an appointment.

Mocha & Chocolate Bear were bred and had these little cuties on 11/26, Thanksgiving Puppies. Mocha's babies are ready for their new forever families any time. They turn 11 weeks on 2/11. They are ready just in time for Valentine's day. What is better than chocolates? A chocolate Frenchie Puppy!

Pictures are above this section

Row 1: The Parents

Row 2: Rolls

Row 3: Buster Brown

Chocolate brother Charlie Brown listed just below this section.


Carrie has been working on crate training, house training and car rides with Mocha's puppies. She has already started on getting all of them used to walking on a leash as well. These puppies are going to make transition to a new home super easy.

Rolls is a pure Chocolate & white pied male. Rolls is available for $7000. The pied marking are unique and even more so being that they are chocolate! FOR THOSE THAT WANT TO KNOW: Rolls is a Chocolate PLUS so much more: D/d (blue carrier) & ay/ay (fawn & sable carrier). Rolls is all about exploring and checking out everything. He loves to go on car rides and for walks.

Buster Brown is a pure Chocolate & white pied male. Buster is available for $6500. FOR THOSE THAT WANT TO KNOW: Buster Brown is a Chocolate but IS NOT a blue carrier. He is , ay/ay (fawn & sable carrier)and naturally a pied carrier since he is a pied.

He is super spunkie and very playful. Buster is also a total love bug and loves to chill and watch tv all snuggled up.

See us in action on our video page!

We have been working on having nice looking blues and Chocolates for several years now. We couldn't be more thrilled with Mocha's babies. We have been having people email us about her puppies since the day that we brought her home. We are keeping one of the Chocolate girls and we are looking forward to some beautiful chocolates in the future as well.

We strive to have the best of the best and will continue that with our Blues and Chocolates too.


Mom: Mocha is beautiful, cobby girl with perfect show quality conformation. She is just an all-around outstanding French bulldog at just 21 lbs. Mocha is not only beautiful Chocolate herself but has produced some amazing Chocolate puppies as well. We just keep getting blessed with amazing Frenchies! Mocha is a happy, healthy and well-adjusted French bulldog. We strive to breed the best of the best and that high quality continues with our rare colors as well. We know the the chocolates are more expensive and not for everyone...but everyone that has one loves this coloring!! The Chocolate Frenchies are real show stoppers that is for sure!

Dad: Bear is a handsome stocky Chocolate with blue carrier male. He is Mr. Lover boy and is such the typical clown dog and super friendly. He never met a stranger. Come up to everyone to let them pet him. If you follow us on facebook then you have seen Bear with me at work. He never leaves my side when he is here with me. I will admit I can't wear heel when he is with me because he LOVES to be underfoot. I think he believes he is my personal shadow. I can't say guard dog because he doesn't have a mean bone in his little body. You will be very pleased with a puppy from or beautiful Chocolate buddy.


If you are interested in getting one of Mocha's puppies or getting on our waiting list for a puppy please fill out a profile and adoption questionnaire or if you have questions call, email or text Kay 859-582-3315. If texting please include your name with the text message. Thanks!


Mocha's continued...

Pictures are above this description.

Charlie Brown is a pure Chocolate male. Charlie Brown is available for $8000. He is really adorable and began training last week with Christina & Carrie. He is doing really well with is house training and create training. He is pure joy.

Charlie Brown is ready any time you are. If you want to come and visit Charlie is old enough for you to be able to do that. Charlie too loves car rides and is all about the cuddles and kisses. He is so smart he almost has fetch down already!

FOR THOSE THAT WANT TO KNOW: Charlie is a Chocolate PLUS so much more: D/d (blue carrier) & ay/a (fawn & recessive black carrier).



OLIVE & MIDNIGHT BLUE...2 Puppies Available.

Olive & Midnight blue were bred and had these 3 beauties on 1/14/16. They will turn 4 weeks on 2/11. Olive's babies will be ready for their new forever families after 3/24 at 10 weeks of age.

Pictures are above this section

Row 1: The Parents

Row 2: Octavia

Row 3: Blue Jet

Octavia is a beautiful jet black with a little white blaze on her chest. She is still too young to say much more about her. We will let you know more as her personality as it begins to emerge. But I can tell you that both parents are so very friendly and social. Octavia is available for $5000.

Blue Jet is our handsome Blue Male so sweet and so adorable, no white anywhere---He is a solid BLUE with the most amazing Blue eyes. Really nice snout and profile and good stocky body type. He is so handsome. I also like that he is solid blue. Blue Jet is available for $6500.

We have more pictures & video posted on our Facebook page too.


Mom: Olive is one eye catching Frenchie. Her coloring, brown eyes and big bat ears are so striking. Her body is lean and she is fit as she loves to run and play. Olive is average on the smaller end for a Frenchies at 23 lbs. She is a real toy lover and you can almost always find her playing with one. She has a little frog that she loves best. She is so sweet, polite and reserved. She is one happy girl and seems to walk with a spring in her step. With her blue gene we are so very excited to meet her puppies and like her sister Ember we know that she is be a loving & nurturing mother.

Dad: - Midnight Blue is one beautiful Blue male. We were taken with him at first sight. I think that is how it happens for everyone and we are no exception. We looked forever and ever to find just the right stud to add to our BlueGrass Family and that is no easy thing to do because we strive to carry the best Frenchies you can find. Blue fit right in and loved the girls just as they loved him from the time we brought him home. He has great conformation and a personality to match. He is on the small end for a French bulldogs weighing just 19 lbs. Once he is bred to our hand raised Frenchies the perfect little ones are sure to follow. There is nothing that compares to a puppy that is hand raised. When you get a puppy from us you know that you are getting well socialized. We were very happy when we could tell the same about Blue. When we got him home he fit right in and never had a bad day. We are very pleased to add BLUE to our family and hope you will enjoy seeing the puppies that he has for us as well.

If you are interested in getting one of Olive's puppies or getting on our waiting list for a future puppy please fill out a profile and adoption questionnaire or if you have questions call, email or text Kay 859-582-3315. If texting please include your name with the text message. Thanks!


Blue Diamond & BluChip

Birth Announcement

January 31, 2016

10:24 p.m.

All Blues

2 Females & 1 Male

Families on our paid waiting list have 1st option on these puppies until 2/13. They will be ready to go out to their forever homes anytime after they are 10 weeks old on April 10th.

Pictures are above this section:

Row 1: The Parents

Row 2: Sapphire

Row 3: Sky

Diamond's other male is listed below this section.

Sapphire is a blue female. She has a little bit of white on her chin and a small amount of blaze on her chest. This is the only white on her all the rest of her coat is blue. Sapphire is available for $7000.

Diamond's in the "Sky" is a blue male. He has a little bit of white blaze on his chest. This is the only white on him all the rest of his coat is blue. Sky is available for $6500.



Mom: Blue Diamond is a beautiful blue female. She is super stocky and has a nice bully head. She loves the outdoors and going for walks. Diamond is from our Olive & Midnight Blue so we know she will have amazing puppies since we already know this is one awesome bloodline. Diamond is really small for a blue and weighs just 16 lbs. She loves kids and playing with our other Frenchies. She is very social and friendly. This is Blue Diamond's 1st litter of puppies and we can't wait to see what she and BluChip will have.

Dad:WOW! What can we say... Everything we were hoping for from our newest stud. He is just handsome as we had hoped for in our newest stud. We've waited and waited for a beautiful blue male. Our daughters Christina & Carrie have taken him for their own since the day he was born and call him Chip.

BluChip is the best just like his name implies. He has beautiful coloring, great style, amazing conformation. He weighs just about 20 lbs. He has a such a great personality too. He is very laid back and calm. But he is always ready and willing to play. He is AKC registered and has been micro chipped and DNA tested with AKC. Looking forward to seeing his puppies when they arrive!

If you are interested in getting one of Diamond's puppies or getting on our waiting list for a puppy please fill out a profile and adoption questionnaire or if you have questions call, email or text Kay 859-582-3315. If texting please include your name with the text message. Thanks! 

Diamond's Continued...

Diamond's Bolt of Light is blue male with a small patch of white on his chest that looks like a bolt of light. This is the only white on him. Bolt is available for $6500.


Our Puppies: When you buy a puppy from us you don't just get the standard one year health contract we INCLUDE AKC's complete "Puppy Protection Plan" read more about this program and what comes with your BlueGrass puppy on the "about us" page on our website. You will see what sets us apart from the rest!

You can see a little video clip of us on our video page.

If you are interested one of Diamond's puppies or in getting on our waiting list for a puppy please fill out a profile and adoption questionnaire or if you have questions call, email or text Kay 859-582-3315. If texting please include your name with the text message. Thanks!


Zelda & Romeo


February 3, 2016

1:02 p.m.

All Creams

1 Girl & 4 Boys

Pictures are above this description.

Row 1: The Parents

Row 2: Zoe

Row 3: Ziggy

Their other 3 brother's are listed below this section.

Zoe is our Cream girl. Zoe is available for $5500.

Ziggy is our cream male. Ziggy is available for $5000.

Families on our paid waiting list have first option on these puppies until 9 am EST on 2/18. Zelda's puppies will be ready for new families any time after they are 10 weeks old on 4/14.


Mom: Zelda is a beautiful fun spirited cream Frenchie girl. She thinks that this is her world and we are living in. I agree that we are totally living in French heaven and we wouldn't want it any other way. Zelda has that great Frenchie smile and is one happy girl. She reminds us every day that our Frenchies are a blessing in our lives. We are excited to see her new puppies as she adores being a mother and always has the most adorable little puppies.

Dad: Romeo's parents are our retired BlueGrass Frenchies Ryder and CoCo. Those of you that have been following us for a while will know that this means not just lots of AKC champions in his pedigree but beautiful parents as well. My girl CoCo is an absolute beauty and Ryder's pedigree speaks for itself. Keep Romeo was just what I needed as we are retiring his Dad from breeding. Ryder is now 8 and has been the most wonderful addition to our BlueGrass bloodline. We are very excited to keep that line of quality going with Romeo. This guy's name is so fitting. He is just the most loving French bulldog. He is kin, he is smart and he is beautiful.

See pictures and pedigree for Romeo on Stud page under portfolio tab.


If you are interested in getting one of Zelda's puppies please fill out a profile and adoption questionnaire or if you have questions call, email or text Kay 859-582-3315. If texting please include your name with the text message. Thanks!


Zelda's continued...

Pictures are above this description.

Row 1: Zippy

Row 2: Zeus

Row 3: ZZ

Zippy is a cream male. Zippy is available for $5000.

Zeus is a honey fawn male. Zeus is available for $5000.

See us on our video page.


If you are interested in getting one of Zelda's little cuties or getting on our waiting list for a puppy please fill out a profile and adoption questionnaire or if you have questions call, email or text Kay 859-582-3315. If texting please include your name with the text message. Thanks!





Congrats to our new & returning BlueGrass families!

IN TRAINING: Achilles is a honey pied male. Super adorable. Small parents, beautiful coloring and unique. Charlie was scooped up by Elizabeth. CONGRATS! Christina has been working with Achilles and he is doing great. The update this week included him getting to have fun riding in the car with her. We like to send different little updates each week during training. We want them to get to experience all the things that they will be getting to do with you at home. One-on-one is really so good for them once they are weaned it really makes all the difference. NOT SURE IF WE ARE READY BUT THIS LITTLE CUTIE WILL BE GOING HOME WITH HIS NEW MOMMY ELIZABETH THIS WEDNESDAY.

Cassie is a cream female. Our creams are quick to be chosen and Cassie was like all our other creams and scooped up by Sabrina. CONGRATS! Cassie is so beautiful. She cracks me up she will just sit and pose for the camera. I know her family is looking so forward to getting her. CASSIE HAS ONE MORE WEEK WITH US AND THEN HER NEW FAMILY WILL BE HERE TO GET HER. WON'T BE LONG NOW.

IN TRAINING: Etta is a fawn female with black mask. She has the cutest little face. Adorable. Etta has been scooped up by Lisa K. CONGRATS! Etta will be staying with us until early March so she will be almost completely house trained, crate trained and have sit down for sure. Her family was going to be traveling but didn't want to miss out on getting her. So we are pre-spoiling her for them until they can get her to pick her up.

IN TRAINING: Howie is a fawn male with black mask. He has a little white on his chin like Santa. Howie was adopted by Nancy. CONGRATS! Howie is having a great time with Christina during his training. He also loved the car ride. He loved getting to sit up high so he could see out the window! Taking in all the sights and sounds is so much fun. This is what alone time with our girls is all about. HOWIE IS WITH US UNTIL HIS NEW MAMMA CAN GET HERE ON THE 25TH.

IN TRAINING: Lucy is a brindle female. She was scooped up by Wendy, Elize & Lemoni. CONGRATS! Lucy will be going all the way to Europe. We don't normally sell our babies out of the country but one of our BlueGrass families is helping them out and going to make sure that she is getting the very best! Thanks Carolyn and Michael for helping Wendy and her girls dreams come true. Lucy has been training with Carrie and is so smart! SHE WILL BE GOING OUT ON VALENTINE'S DAY. LOOKING FORWARD TO GETTING TO SEE CAROLYN. SHE IS PCIKINGHER UP FOR THEIR FRIEND WENDY.

IN TRAINING: Brody is a fawn male with black mask. He has a little white blaze on his chest. Brody was just adopted by Victoria & Rick to be the little brother to their BlueGrass girl Bailey. Brody has been working with Christina. He is super smart and such a handsome fellow. I know Christina has been sending pictures and video to Victoria but I just got this one picture. So will have to share more later.

IN TRAINING: Bear is a reverse brindle, which means he has more brown and less black so he looks like a little bear. We love this! Bear was just adopted by the Fogle family. CONGRATS! Bear has been doing his training with Carrie. She is so in love with this little guy. I love his coloring and his little "snuggle with me" personality. BEAR'S FAMILHY WILL BE HERE THIS WEEKEND. WE ARE REALLY GONNA MISS THIS GU. HE IS QUITE THE CHARACTER.

MiMi is a jet black brindle. She has just a tiny bit of white on her chest.MiMi has been adopted by the Hepner family. CONGRATS! MiMi is still to little for her one-on-one training to start. This doesn't begin until after she is weaned. So she still has a few more weeks with mom before we will begin her training with the girls begins.




Hi Kay,I wanted to let you know I took Cooper to the vet yesterday and he was a superstar. From the vet to the front desk workers Cooper had them all under his spell. Cooper was of course enjoying all the attention and was at his most charming. One assistant even said she has seen a lot of puppies but that Cooper was the cutest pup she had ever seen. I, of course, agreed. The vet said he was a beautiful pup and very healthy.

He has such a great personality and laid back attitude. Everyone that meets him LOVES him. He is doing great on his potty training and has even learned to ring the bell we have on the door like the big dogs do. He was quite proud of himself for learning that trick, as he should be.

He fits so well into our family that it feels like he has always been here. I have attached a picture that really shows how well he has adjusted.

Thanks for such a great new family member.

Sherri Nicholas



Elvis is such a handsome, playful, & incredibly sweet boy. My husband, Lucy, and I are so in LOVE with him. Photos, simply do not do justice & fails to capture his perfect proportions & his incredible good looks.

Elvis is 19 LBS (on the nose) & was neutered + micro-chipped last week.

Although his weight is similar to Lucy, he is shorter, more compact, & has a bigger head. (good things)

He hardly sleeps, & prefers to play with Lucy or with his toys all day.

His smile makes everyone swoon... and for this reason... I don't allow my husband to take him to the dog parks alone because all the girls...

My husband likes to say Elvis is the perfect 'pick up line' if he was a single man....

Anyhow, Elvis is perfect & you breed the most incredible Frenchies!

Thank you for reaching out to us, Kay!!!




I wanted to tell you about our trip to the vet. My vet has never spend that much time with any of my animals. He was so delighted. He was tickled pink with Benedict "Gus" . The whole office (5 vet techs and 2 office ladies) went on and on about what an amazing breeder you are! I think I've said your website at least 6 times this morn. Ppl are completely taken by how perfect he (and you) are!!! Thank you so so much:)- The Buxton Family!



Hello Kay, I have to tell you that Walter is keeping us laughing constantly. He is fearless and what a clown. I should buy stock in Pet Smart with the amount of toys I have bought for Walter and always in the smaller sizes, however Walter's favorite toys are Merlin's and are all bigger than him, but he marches off with these bigger toys like he owns the place. He is not just a comedian however he loves to snuggle and is such a charmer. He is growing in leaps and bounds and could out race the road runner. Never a dull moment in our house and I think that Merlin has finally figured out that his new BFF is not going anywhere, did I mention that Merlin is Walter's most favorite toy.

Thank for the newest addition to our life he is pure joy.


P.S. Attached a photo, you can see Walter was in the thick of it helping Maddy get ready for the Prom!



Hey Kay, I just wanted to let you know that we're doing great...Winston is getting so big! He weighed 8lbs the last time we had him at the vet. He's a great mix of playful and cuddly. His favorite places are my head/neck if we're lying down or my lap...though thankfully he only puts his head on my neck instead of his whole self like he did when he was smaller. He's still doing really well with training--both potty training and commands--it impresses me with how smart he is...which leads me to a story I thought you'd appreciate.

There is a high school girl that I am mentoring, and I picked her up from school yesterday before taking her to lab, and on the way I stopped to take Winston out and what not. When he saw her, he got SO excited and tried to 'fly' out of my arms to get to her. It was all I could do to hold the wiggly creature to get him safely to the ground. Then, nothing would do but for her to pick him up, and when she did, he wiggled and shook and gave her sooooo many kisses. Now, he loves me to pieces and is excited and loving, but he has NEVER acted that way for ANYONE, and I wondered why....then it struck me...as unlikely as it may seem, I think he remembers your younger daughter because I looked at the picture I still had of her holding him on the website, and my mentee actually looks like a slightly older version of her...not exactly but really really close. I'm sure they must smell different, but he acted the way my other dogs do when I've been away for a while and they've only had dad. I thought it was really sweet, and if true, a testament to the extra attention you give these guys that they would remember so strongly. I didn't think to take a picture, so the next time she's over there with him, I'll try to do that.

UPDATE: I hope the move and everything is still going well! I wanted to tell you about Winston's trip to the vet yesterday. He was in for his rabies vaccination and an exam. The vet was very impressed with how he's grown to the degree that she said, "I usually don't say this, but you should seriously think about breeding him if he stays like this. He's a perfect example, shape, size, healthy, great temperament, etc. and would be good for the breed." I know you already know how awesome your babies are, but I thought I'd toss in the opinion of an independent vet that doesn't know you and your frenchies.




Hi Kay! I hope this email finds you and your family doing well. We received the calendar and simply love it. I don't know how you find the time to put it together but am so happy you do. It sounds like this will be a busy year for you but full of excitement!



Hi Kay, We are one happy household!! Your family has given us a priceless gift! Our ZuZu is a very funny and brave little Frenchie. He has only been here a little over two weeks and we can't remember life without him.

He wakes up so happy and full if energy, zipping throughout the house. He already runs up the stairs as much as we try to catch him first. He just came down tonight on his own. He is a very big dog in a little body!! Totally fearless which sometimes scares the heck out of us !

Our vet trip was great last week, he got his shot and picked up 1.5 lbs in just over a week. He is growing rapidly and is so handsome and charming! He loves food and we are very careful not to give him table food. He did have a little piece of banana and apple. Just climbed into my lap and helped himself.

Thank you for checking in on us. It is very reassuring to know that we can contact you anytime that we may have a question or concern. It speaks volumes to the fact that they really are your babies!! It must be hard to part with them, fear not we will continue to spoil him with love (and only a couple I'd treats lol).

Best to you all.


Mike, Gloria and family



Kay,Cody is ready to go swimming.....thanks for the calendars. I was shocked & thrilled that Cody was Mr. August. The extra to share was great!

Take care,Xo

Michael and Cody



Hey Kay- I am sure you are so happy the move is over. I am sure it was incredibly stressful. Any move is, and with all you have going on with work and caring for Frenchies, I can't even imagine how you handle it all.

Thank you for the little treat for Chips. He loved it.

He is one of the best things to ever happen to our family. We talk about getting him a play mate, and it's so hard to resist all the puppies when you post new litters online. I suspect we won't be able to resist too much longer.

Thanks again.



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